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For a living I am a Charlotte SEO consultant. To put it simply that means I help my clients get found on the search engines by people looking for the products or services they provide. Sometimes this is about making technical changes to websites. Sometimes I need to help write content on their website. Most of the time this is about building links from one website to theirs.

This is the hardest part of my job.

When I’m not doing SEO I sometimes come across companies or businesses that have really good products or services. Many times these smaller businesses don’t have a strategic SEO campaign that can help them get more customers. While I don’t have time to carry-out a complete SEO campaign for every great business I meet, I can (and am happy to) write an article about how great they are and provide a link to their website. From this I hope that they get a little more business- maybe from you visiting their website or perhaps as a result of an increased ranking for their website as a result of the link I place on this site to their website.

None of the businesses or companies listed in my favorites have compensated me in any way for these reviews. In fact, it’s likely the opposite- I gladly paid them for their services. The fact is, I am trying to build a link to their website to help their SEO efforts because I believe they deserve it and I want to help them out.

Troubadour Watches

When I first encountered Troubadour Watches (at a local watch meetup) I was very excited. Not only was this a high-quality watch but it brought together two of my favorite hobbies: music and horology.

LEGO Exosuit

To: Mission Control CC: Quartermaster Corps This message is to inform you that we have safely arrived at our destination. After coming out of hibernation, we began Stage 1 of the mission by assembling our…

Jawbone UP24 Review: You’ll love it as much as I do

Why am I providing a Jawbone UP24 review? Because I love it, and you will too.

Firefly: The Greatest Sci-Fi Show in the Verse

Firefly is, hands-down, the best scifi show ever

My office is decorated with Star Wars memorabilia. In college, I never missed an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. These are both great but let me tell you why Firefly is the greatest…

The Best Transcription Service Ever: Speechpad

Speechpad Transcription Service

Good content creation is very important to my job as an SEO. One of my secrets for quality content creation is Speechpad.

Discount Tire in Fort Mill, SC

Discount Tire in Ft Mill, SC

I want to take a moment and show my appreciation for the people at Discount Tire.

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