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LEGO Exosuit

To: Mission Control

CC: Quartermaster Corps

This message is to inform you that we have safely arrived at our destination. After coming out of hibernation, we began Stage 1 of the mission by assembling our robotic turtle. It’s clear this will be a valuable asset for the success of our mission.

After a meal break, we then continued on to Stage 2- assembly of the exosuit. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Please express our gratitude to Commander Ried on the excellent engineering that has gone into this sophisticated machine.

Unfortunately, as we reached Step 10.4.B we realized an error was made in the shipping. Part #4286267 (a black sphere that was to be used as part of the knee joint) was not included. It was listed in the manifest (which said we were shipped 2 of them) but we were unable to locate this part.

There were plenty of extra parts (an extra oxygen tank and helmet visor will definitely come in handy) in the supplies- although I don’t see the large, orange lever being of much use- however our mission is in jeopardy without this integral piece.

We have assembled the exosuit to the best of our ability without this piece- as you can see (if the attached image makes it with this transmission). However, despite Lieutenant Yve’s ingenuity and eternal optimism, we were not able to improvise a solution. Please make sure this part is added to the next supply shipment.

I’m not sure how long I can balance on one foot.

Eager to continue with our mission,


Lieutenant Pete

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  • Please be aware, there was no mistake in either the manifest nor the actual contents.

    We at Lego Support view this as a feature of natural evolution– art imitating life. The fact that the unit is capable of balance and standing is a testament to built-in redundancy.

    Thanks to your participation, your revelation may help us remedy in future manifests and distribution such grossly extraneous and wasteful parts in our further efforts at efficiency.

    And of course, helping reduce our footprint in plastic waste in the environment.

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