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The Best Transcription Service Ever: Speechpad

Speechpad Transcription Service

Good content creation is very important to my job as an SEO. One of my secrets for quality content creation is Speechpad.

There are a lot of transcription services out there. What I like about Speechpad is their system. They start by using an automated algorithm, based upon the recording you give them, and then give the automated transcript to an actual, living human being to clean it up and correct it. The result: an inexpensive, fast and accurate transcription.

Here’s what’s even better: they have excellent customer support.

One time, after recording a phone call (through their service) with an important C-level employee at my client’s company, something went wrong. The recording disappeared. I couldn’t find it anywhere in order to complete the transcription process. I emailed the people at Speechpad in a panic- did I just waste this important executive’s time with nothing to show for it? They actually called someone in their IT department who found the file and submitted it for final transcription for me. Whew! I was grateful.

Since there are actual people working at Speechpad, they were also able to help with some unique, difficult situations. For instance they took an hour-long show with an English translation dubbed over a Spanish show and provided the transcription of the English only. They were also able to transcribe a 90 minute webinar that had been recorded in an unconventional format. Now, I’m not promising that they will be able to help you with every unique scenario you can come up with, but my point is: they tried.

Thank you, Speechpad, for producing an excellent service and hiring awesome people to staff it.

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