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Paul, E. P. Sanders

Well, here I am blogging about justification when someone had to burst my bubble. Apparently, there is a debate about the doctrine of justification that I had no idea was going on. After justifying my…

Incredible Capacity to Rationalize

It seems that coffee shops and alternative newspapers go hand in hand. I don’t completely understand the connection, but all I know is that it’s just not a coffee shop if the only thing they…

Christ and Culture: A Primer

One of the major focuses of this blog is the typology developed by H. Richard Niebuhr in his book, Christ and Culture. I think Niebuhr’s paradigm offers us a common vocabulary as we discuss how…

A-hole Evangelism

For some reason coffee shops attract Christians. Throughout the day I see many pastors who are waiting to meet someone to talk over a cup of joe.

Frame, Christianity and Culture: Christ and Culture

In Frame’s second lecture on Christianity and Culture, he begins to address the different ways Christians engage their culture, using Niebuhr’s five categories as his basis for categorization. The purpose of his lecture is not…

Is there a right answer to Christ and Culture?

In his book about Christ and Culture, Niebuhr does not want to commit to one of his five perspectives to be the right one.

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