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Christ and Culture

Christ and Culture: A Primer

One of the major focuses of this blog is the typology developed by H. Richard Niebuhr in his book, Christ and Culture. I think Niebuhr’s paradigm offers us a common vocabulary as we discuss how…

Frame, Christianity and Culture: Christ and Culture

In Frame’s second lecture on Christianity and Culture, he begins to address the different ways Christians engage their culture, using Niebuhr’s five categories as his basis for categorization. The purpose of his lecture is not…

Is there a right answer to Christ and Culture?

In his book about Christ and Culture, Niebuhr does not want to commit to one of his five perspectives to be the right one.

Christ and Culture in the Old Testament

If the Bible is our guide for faith and practice, it seems to me that it will serve us in our quest to know how best to interact with our culture as Christians. But when…

The Scripture’s Input on Culture

Because our definition of “Christian” is intentionally broad, so will the many different views of the Scriptures these Christians will hold. Regardless of one’s view of the Scriptures, however, a Christian of any type cannot…

Guenther, The “Enduring Problem” of Christ and Culture

This article is one of the best I’ve read on Niebuhr’s Christ and Culture in a long time. I think it has a good handle on what Niebuhr was trying to say and summarizes the…

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