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Paul, E. P. Sanders

Well, here I am blogging about justification when someone had to burst my bubble. Apparently, there is a debate about the doctrine of justification that I had no idea was going on. After justifying my…

Incredible Capacity to Rationalize

It seems that coffee shops and alternative newspapers go hand in hand. I don’t completely understand the connection, but all I know is that it’s just not a coffee shop if the only thing they…

A-hole Evangelism

For some reason coffee shops attract Christians. Throughout the day I see many pastors who are waiting to meet someone to talk over a cup of Joe.

What Saint Paul Really Said, N. T. Wright

In his book, What Saint Paul Really Said, N. T. Wright offers a challenging summary of current ways of understanding Paul in the New Testament. Although he talks about more than the debate on the…

What’s David Talking About?

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